Apartments for Sale in Saranda Albania. Saranda Bay Residence


42.250 Euro

Apartment for Sale in Saranda

The residence is composed by 1+1 and 2+1 apartments, sea oriented with modern architecture combined with traditional architectural seaside style.
The apartments have big windows in east and west, having a full view of Corfu Island, Saranda city and the green hills around.
Thanks to its position and selected architecture, from this residence can be enjoyed the view of Ionian Sea, Corfu island, Saranda city also the Mediterranean climate and view that this region offers.

Available Apartments with 1 Bed:

65m2 (3 Apartments available for 42250 Euros)
70m2 (1 Apartments available for 45500 Euro)

Available Apartments with 2 Bed:

78.5m2 (5 Apartments available for 51025 Euro)
73m2 (1 Apartment available for 47450 Euro)
73.5m2 (1 Apartment available for 47775 Euro)
73.9M2 (3 Apartments available for 48035 Euro)
95.3m2 (1 Apartment available for 61945 Euro)
87.8m2 (1 Apartment available for 57070 Euro)
82.2m2 (1 Apartment available for 53430 Euro)
93m2 (1 Apartment available for 60450 Euro)
83m2 (2 Apartments available for 53950 Euro)
109m2 (Penthouse Apartment available for 70850 Euro)


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